Dear Growers, Croppers & Horticultural Enthusiasts ,


Are you looking for an online marketplace outside of the Dark Web to list your produce for sale?


We are looking to open up Weed Supermarket to the UKs growing community to allow anyone who passes our checks to become a Weed Supermarket approved vendor.


Currently UK Legislation restricts the sale of products containing THC but we think that a shift in legal statute is only around the corner.


With this in mind we would like to pre-register a small number of exclusive vendors onto the site.


We understand that security and privacy is key while the UK is still enforcing archaic laws against Cannabis so we invite anyone who may be interested in the above to contact us using our SECURE PROTONMAIL account. Please for your own safety do not email our normal account and we would strongly suggest only sending out communications via a secure channel.


We look forward to hearing from you – [email protected]


Yours faithfully

[email protected]